Former Salt Lake City Mayor, Rocky Anderson has created a third political party dubbed, The Justice Party to take on the behemoth Donkey and Elephant. He, like other presidential hopeful Buddy Roemer would run on the platform of getting the corruption out of our election process and therefore restoring our Representatives to the people. It is a shame that candidates who make sense are not even covered at all by the media. But who could expect otherwise. Our media is controlled by Corporate behemoths as well.

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Occupiers all around. If you didn’t know this already, you have a friend in Congress. U.S. Congressman Ted Deutch that is. Congressman Deutch recently authored a piece of legislation called ‘Outlawing Corporate Cash Undermining the Public Interest in our Elections and Democracy’, in short — O.C.C.U.P.I.E.D. This proposed bill would be a start to a cure for our corrupt political system here in the US by doing the one thing that is needed. Destroying the corporate influence on our Democracy.

Join the Congressman today and continue the fight.

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In a recent interview with with the Huffington Post (One of my personal favorie sites), South Carolina Reverend Jesse Lee said that he would send blacks back to the plantation in the south in order to teach them what hard labor was. He seems to be of the opinion that the majority of blacks rely on government assistance and do not work hard. I guess the good Reverend missed over all of the other races currently relying on assistance from the government. Agreeing with Newt Gingrinch doesn’t make you a stupid person, but agreeing with him that we should institute child labor in order to cure the Black dependency on Government does make you stupid.

If the good Reverend believes his words, then maybe he should volunteer himself for slavery first and let all of the other African Americans in this country know how the experience was for him. Some people should really speak to themselves in the mirror before speaking utter nonsense in public.

This has been another report on the mindless behavior of people who are believed to be smart.

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In a concerted effort with other web giants, on Wednesday Google threw its weight behind the ongoing campaign to defeat the pending ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ (SOPA) drawn up by the corporate-sponsored House of Representatives and it’s sister version, the ‘Protect IP Act’ (PIPA) drawn up by the US Senate. These Bills are being sold to the public as a way to combat online piracy, but if you let the yogurt sit in room temperature for a while you will begin to recognize the sour.

Please lend your support to the cause by signing Google’s online petition today!!

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